Roger & Ruth { against all odds }

Roger and Ruth truly stole my heart. These two have been married for 53 years now! Talk about #goals But things haven't always been so easy for them. Back when these two love birds wanted to tie the knot their families did not approve, Roger was catholic and Ruth was Lutheran. Back then marrying someone of a different religious background was much more frowned upon than it is now. Despite their families non-supportive nature these two still wanted to place themselves before God and vow to spend the rest of their lives together. They had a couple friends with them and acquired only 3 photographs from that day! (pictured on the buffet below). They have built a beautiful life together since then. They have raised children together & worked HARD for everything they have. They have chosen God over adversity and he done nothing short of blessing them. Sometimes you just have to listen to God's Plan for it can be far greater than you could ever imagine <3 

CONGRATULATIONS to Roger & Ruth for 53 years!!! Cheers! 

G <3