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Hey friends.

It’s been awhile but here I am coming at ya with some content, YAY!

I really wanna talk about something that weighs on my mind often. I want to talk about the importance of documenting your life. I often hear people say lets just push it off. Let’s do photos next year! Naahh, we don’t have the money for that… & I get it, really but the fact of the matter is that waiting until fall for photos easily turns into one, two maybe even three years that go by. Now you’re kicking yourself because you have NO updated family photos to share on social media or for that Christmas card we all desperately need to send out! I mean am I right?

Really though, why are we waiting? Why is it put on the back burner but without blinking we go out to buy our Starbucks coffee every morning or we go out to eat every other day. Why is it that we will go out and buy that Michael Kors bag ( its GOOD quality DUH!) but we wont invest in capturing what I am assuming is your most treasured thing in life; your family. While there may be seemingly valid reasons to wait, here are just a few reasons that you shouldn’t.

Do it for your children.

If you just personally hate photos and do want anything to do with them. I get it! I do! Your kids will not get it though. When they get older & they become interested in looking at all your family photos through the years what will you have to show them? What will they have to show their future children? All things that people tend to forget about! Now, am I saying that you need to get photos every single season? UM absolutely not, aint nobody got time for that. LOL an updated family session every year will do just fine.

Life can change in an instant.

Now this wont be the most uplifting reason to read but it’s important nonetheless.

You have no idea what will happen tomorrow. none. Sickness happens, Divorce happens, tragedies happen and dare I say it…death happens. While that may seem to be extreme, it happens all the time. You don’t ever want to wake up amidst devastation and say I wish I would have gotten one last photo of us together. Especially for something so little as putting it off one more year or because of money. Most photographers will have packages to serve all kinds of budgets or will have payment options available so don’t let those things hold you back!

Share your story (It’s okay to brag just a little ;) )

Get those family photos and show off that beautiful family God blessed you with! After all they are your most favorite people right???? Family photos sessions promote more bonding with one another and give your kids a better sense of belonging and security when they see their family photos on display.

I know that photos may seem like a pain but the benefits out weigh the annoyance. So many people tell me how they wished they would have had more photos taken through the years & it breaks my heart. If I could I would take all the magical photos for everyone!!!

Listen, just don’t be that guy okay?

Go book your family session now because after all is said and done, photographs are all you’ll have.

Much love & God bless you all


Minneapolis Family Photographer {The Olson Family }

Good afternoon friends! 

Just popping up to show you some highlights from this sweet little family session from last week! How darling are they? I had the best time getting to know mom,dad and their gorgeous baby girl <3 I have always liked shooting family sessions but have recently grown to LOVE them. I love getting to know each family and how they click. Getting to know them and making folks feel comfortable around you always makes for the most genuine photographs. For instance, one of my favorite things about the Olson's session was how dad looked at his little girl. There is just something so wonderful in his eyes and you can really feel it. During my sessions there will be silliness, lots of jokes and you will get to enjoy a front row seat of me running around like a crazy person getting those shots! If you are feeling stiff or just simply aren't sure how to pose, have no fear I will help you friend! I will make fun of myself often because I think we all need to give ourselves a little more slack right? If you have small children you may hear me say things like "Boogers!" or "Smelly feet!"or " Hey no smiling aloud here!!" or I might even ask them to tell their best knock knock joke! No matter the circumstance my goal is ALWAYS to have fun!!! If that sounds like an adventure that you and your family want to be apart of well then I can't wait to hangout with you! Until then enjoy some photos of this lovely little family! <3

Hey guys...SMILE it's almost FRIDAY! <3 <3 <3


Minneapolis children's photographer {Connor is ONE!}

HIIIII guys! I know it's been quiet, but for good reason I promise! My family has just relocated and have been busy busy with settling in and starting the school season with my BIG kindergatener! (cue tears) I am back though & trying to get back into the swing of it all now that it has slowed down a bit!  You guys I have been getting lots more inquries for one year photo sessions lately & I am just loving it! One is such a fun age & Connor was an absolute doll! Going though his photo session had me crackin up! His facial expressions were just to die for! Seriously the personality on this kid could fill a room! I love photographing and captures his & his families memories, I feel honored because they are such a great little family. So take a break and enjoy Connor's photo session & HAPPY FRIDAY!!! :) <3