Miles a Photographer?


For the longest time my oldest son Miles who is 4 years old now has been bragging up and down how he is gonna be just like daddy and work on cars or drive big trucks! Totally cool with me, every little boy wants to be just like daddy! Well in the last few weeks Miles has been gaining A LOT more interest in taking photographs. Lately he wants to hold my camera and take pictures of me, his brother and the dog. He even stood behind me and was my "second shooter" at my last newborn session! I think it is adorable and so cool that he is becoming so interested in photography! The other day I was taking some low key shots of the dog. Miles asked if he could take some pictures of me and  this time I agreed. I had him stand exactly where I was and I already had my point of focus. I just let him shoot away! It was a nice chance to get a few shots of myself since I am so busy photographing everyone else! I can't wait to teach him more and hey maybe he will follow my footsteps or maybe it will just be a hobby for him. Either way I am a proud mama <3 

Here are his images, enjoy :)